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30 November 2020
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Lighten the load
Some of the tasks for an offshore worker can be dirty or dangerous. Recent advances in robotics, however, could mean the removal of human beings from some of the riskiest situations encountered on the rig. Michael Shaw talks to Anders Røyrøy, a researcher in robotics at Equinor, about the capabilities of units currently being deployed by the energy company.

Beneath the waves
Subsea installation is a complex process that requires precision planning. Jonah Baker looks at how specialist companies tackle challenging environments and marshal the skills required – engineering, procurement, construction and installation – to deliver essential infrastructure efficiently and on time.

Success in the deep end
Their scale and significance means that deepwater projects always come with risks attached; they require significant investment of time and finances. Isabel Ellis discusses how creative thinking and the intelligent use of data can result in efficiencies and savings with Marno de Jong, project manager of Shell's Appomattox project, and Kenneth Johnson, Halliburton’s completion manager for Total’s Egina field.

Coating against corrosion
The upstream industry is dependent on the use of effective coatings for pipelines and other structures to slow down corrosion and limit costly replacement of equipment. Grace Allen investigates the innovations under development, including research into smart coatings that can self-heal and communicate damage taking place in the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials.

A gulf in technology
Although conventional seismic technologies have been around for decades, they still suffer from a number of drawbacks, especially when it comes to giving scientists a precise idea of underwater geology. Andrea Valentino talks to Dr Marcos Gallotti Guimarães, a geophysicist and expert in offshore energy, about how the industry is coping and how new ocean bottom node technology might be the way forward.

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