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08 December 2019
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Blow hot and cold
Energy and industrial processes have never been so high, deep, hot or cold. The commercialisation of more remote resources has led to an increase in demand for valves that can withstand extreme environments. Mike Semens-Flanagan, chief technology officer, and Brian Metz, senior design engineering manager at IMI Critical Engineering, examine how valves can be designed to have a long service life in extreme temperatures.

Top of the rock
Predicting what lies beneath the surface of an oil field is a complex and data-intensive task. World Expro speaks to Bill Shea, CEO of Sharp Reflections, who explains advances in data processing are making the guesswork more accurate – and how it’s all taking place within the cloud.

The people person
Introducing a forward-looking digital culture across a large and historic company is no easy feat. Grace Allen talks to Jaco Fok, chief of innovation at OMV Petrom, about data challenges, how to change patterns of working and why, in the end, it’s all about people.

Those are the rules
Fire safety should be high on the agenda of any offshore operator. Jim Banks talks to John Pirie and Mark Royle at the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) about how regulations adapt to new technologies and how the industry approaches its engagement with regulatory bodies.

In the long run
The 43rd Indonesian Petroleum Association Convention and Exhibition, taking place on 4–6 September 2019 in Jakarta, forms a valuable meeting place for the South East Asian upstream oil and gas industry. This year, the event focuses on the means of securing long-term energy security.

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