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Inspections for Industry

To ensure a high uptime and return on investment - and to comply with safety standards and regulations - inspections are a critical part of many industrial operations. With Olympus' extensive array of inspection technologies it is possible to detect corrosion, blockages, cracks, incorrect alloy grades and many other flaws - providing speed, safety and a high probability of detection.

Ultrasound - A Versatile Solution for Flaw Detection

Ultrasonic (UT) testing is a highly versatile technology for detecting a range of flaws hidden deep inside a material. It relies of an ultrasonic a beam, which travels from a probe to the structure being inspected. When the beam encounters flaws, echoes are generated, which can be detected to determine the location and the size of the flaw with great precision.

Conventional UT equipment, such as the lightweight Olympus EPOCH 6LT (figure 1), is the technology of choice for fast inspections in hard-to-access locations. To inspect large areas of material, such as pipelines, with a very high precision and imaging capability, phased array UT is an option. With Olympus' OmniScan range of UT flaw detectors (figure 2), long sections of material can be inspected in a single scan with a resolution down to 1 mm. The resulting scans clearly show the extent to which, for example, corrosion has affected a component as well as the safety implications.

X-Ray Fluorescence - Portable, Fast Elemental Analysis

Olympus' Vanta handheld XRF analysers (figure 3) are an efficient way to detect the elemental composition of metals and alloys in seconds. It can also provide immediate geochemical analysis results for fast decision making on the spot. Thanks to their portable design, Vanta analysers can be used on large industrial plants, for example in positive material identification (PMI) programmes, or carried out into the field for direct measurements without the need for collecting samples.

Remote visual inspection - Check for Flaws in Hidden Spaces

Videoscopes fulfil a range of roles of industrial inspections. With long scopes and easy manoeuverability, videoscopes can quickly detect flaws such as corrosion, blockages, cracks and material loss in many different components, such as pipelines, turbines and heat exchangers.

Olympus' range of IPLEX videoscopes offer a high degree of flexibility in videoscope inspection. From the versatile, reliable IPLEX GX/GT (figure 4) to the powerful IPLEX NX (figure 5) with stereo measurement capabilities - there is a videoscope for every inspection.

High Uptime, No Surprises

Preventing unexpected equipment failure helps industrial operations to run more smoothly and more efficiently. Inspections detect the early warning signs of damage, which can reduce downtime as well as repair costs. Olympus' comprehensive range of inspection technologies is designed for industry and provides the precise details required for reliable inspections that ensure safe and efficient operation.

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The rugged EPOCH 6LT flaw detector is well suited for inspections in locations that are difficult to access
Large sections of material can be inspected with high precision using OmniScan phased array flaw detectors
Test elemental composition in seconds with Vanta XRF
The versatile IPLEX GX/GT has interchangeable scopes and light sources to meet all inspection needs
IPLEX NX videoscopes offer maximum detail and precise 3D measurement capabilities
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